Every year the EAUN Chair hands out 3 Best Poster Awards and the Prize for the Best EAUN Nursing Research Project Plan.  The awards are a vital acknowledgement of the fact that the international urological nursing community is progressive and continues to push the level of clinical practice in urology nursing today.

The Best EAUN Poster Prizes were supported with an educational grant from AMGEN.

Here are the deserved winners of the EAUN18 Awards:

First Prize for the Best EAUN Poster Presentation

R. McConkey, C. Holborn 

University Hospital Galway, Urology Department, Galway, Ireland; Sheffield Hallam University, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, Sheffield, United Kingdom

With the poster “Exploring the lived experience of gay men with prostate cancer: A phenomenological study”


– Handed out by Mr. R. Haeckel (AMGEN)

Second Prize for Best EAUN Poster Presentation

P.B. Svankjær, A. Holm Jensen, T. Søndergaard Sørensen, H. Haslund-Thomsen

Aalborg University Hospital, Clinical Nursing Research Unit, Department of Urology, Aalborg, Denmark

With the poster “Grit in the waterworks – patient experiences of living with stones in the upper urinary tract”


– Handed out by Mr. R. Haeckel (AMGEN)

Third Prize for the Best EAUN Poster Presentation

J. Avlastenok, K. Rud,  H. Køppen, L. Wendt-Johansen, H. Wested, P. Busch Østergren

Herlev Hospital, Department of Urology, Herlev, Denmark

With the poster: “Quality of life of spouses living with men undergoing androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer”


– Handed out by Mr. R. Haeckel (AMGEN)

Prize for the Best EAUN Research Project Plan Presentation

V. Decalf, R. Pieters, K. Everaert, M. Petrovic, W. Bower

Ghent University Hospital, Belgium; Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia

With the Nursing Research Project: “Prevalence, incidence and associated factors of nocturia on the ward”


– Handed out by Mr. S. Terzoni (EAUN Chair)


 Previous winners

For an overview of previous winners please visit the Award page of the Useful Resources section at the EAUN website.