Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

‘Don’t miss such a unique opportunity!!’

The EAUN invites urology nurses and other professionals to submit an abstract on a topic relevant to urology, continence, oncology, nursing or a related field.

In the two poster sessions 18 delegates get a chance to present their recent work. The aim is to discuss practical topics, relevant clinical issues, and findings from research conducted by doctors and nurses and applied to everyday practice. Different fields of urology will be covered, as well as related issues.

Abstract submission is now closed.


  • Abstract submission is now closed.

Poster building

  • Check the Poster, PowerPoint and Presentation Instructions (see above) for details on poster format
  • For tips and tricks on how to build a good poster please check the online EAUN tool “Poster Presentation
  • To order printing of your poster and delivery to the venue you can use the PosterSessionsOnline Service. (Available until 28 February 2018)

Poster PDF (hand-outs) and PowerPoint  Submission

At the Faculty Website you will be able to:

  • Download the EAUN basic slide set
  • Submit your poster PDF and PowerPoint slides for the meeting
  • The deadline for submission of your poster PDF (A4) at the Faculty Website is 12 February.
  • The deadline for submission of your  slides at the Faculty Website is 13 March.