Nurses in a leadership role: Cultivating your leadership

Your workplace can be a challenging environment. On top of the challenges of staying on top of high quality care, budgetary limitations, keeping abreast with new developments, caring for sometimes difficult patients and supporting them at times when they have to take far-reaching decisions, you can also be challenged in the cooperation with surgeons, other specialists as well as peers or your team, especially if you have a leading role.

During the interactive course Nurses in a leadership role: Cultivating your leadership we will guide you in finding your role as leader. The programme will focus on leadership, effectiveness and communication in relation to patients, teams, colleagues,  surgeons, and other superiors.

Together with management consultants Herman Rijksen and Jaap Zijlstra of Facilitation Profs, you will dive into topics like trust, dealing with conflicts, lack of commitment, accountability and results. During this 3-hours course on Monday morning, 19 March, there is room to reflect on your preferred leadership style and to exchange your personal experiences with peers from all over Europe. So bring a case of a challenge you are currently facing in your hospital!

How to join?
Please send an email to Angela Terberg, at, clearly stating  that you are interested in the EAUN course: leadership for nurses. You will be asked to prepare with some questions before the course to make sure you optimally benefit from the course.

Participants will come from countries across Europe. A small token fee of €50 (excl VAT) will be required to ensure attendance by participants.