EAUN18: Hub for urology nurses participation

International meeting to spur on more cooperation

The growing involvement of nurses is the focal point of the upcoming 19th International Meeting of the European Association of Urology Nurses (EAUN18) in Copenhagen, Denmark. “EAUN18 is THE congress of urology nurses. It is fully dedicated to them. And I see it as an annual ‘family meeting’ as we belong to one big family of urology nurses,” said Ms. Corinne Tillier, Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee.

New updates

Since the previous EAUN Congress, the scientific committee has delivered significant changes with an extra focus on the urology nurses’ practice and concerns, and to increase interaction during sessions.

“At EAUN18 in March, participants can look forward to more innovative sessions, new developments in treatment and technologies. They can still enjoy the congress staples such as the popular and well-attended sessions of the Guidelines, difficult cases, and poster sessions,” stated Ms. Tillier.

She added, “We have listened to the nurses’ suggestions regarding themes and sessions. The national societies were very helpful, too. Based on their feedback, we have included two Thematic
Sessions from the special interest groups (SIG): SIG continence and SIG bladder cancer. They selected the “Management of chronic bladder problems” and “The evolution and management of BCG” as the theme of their sessions. This way, we can satisfy what they have hoped to see at an international nurses’ meeting.”

Core objectives

EAUN18 encourages nurses to actively participate. “Regardless of which country we come from, we can learn a lot from each other,” said Ms. Tillier. “Through an exchange of ideas and examination of current programmes and practices at EAUN18, we can merge the best of what we know and this will benefit everyone in the end.”

The international meeting will also continue to address and fulfil the current and future needs of urology nurses and patients. “Our goals as nurses include optimisation of our daily clinical practice; further enhancement of our knowledge and skills through new evidence-based practice; and prioritisation of patients’ needs. For example with the sessions on “Men’s health” and the ESU course on “Immunotherapy” EAUN18 would help us accomplish that,” stated Tillier.

Urgent and controversial issues

Two of the most notable sessions at EAUN18 are “Thematic Session 9: Complementary or alternative medicine in urology”, and “Specialty Session 3: Creating OUR Nursing Urology Curriculum – at the ‘no fairy-tale café”.

Nurses see an increased use of Complementary or alternative medicine (CAM) among their patients. “About 75% of cancer patients don’t inform their doctors about their CAM use but can talk openly to us nurses about it. CAM use could have serious consequences as some herbal remedies or vitamins interact with certain medications. This is exactly why we need to address the CAM use and acquire more information to deal with the issue.”

EAUN Scientific Congress Office Member and lecturer, Mr. Jerome Marley, said that currently there is no existing curriculum for nurses that can provide structure to meet their future needs. He equates the needed curriculum to a map that “highlights the key content for urology nursing that can be used by individual countries to guide local education; enhance the role of urology nurses; and fulfil the specific needs of each country.”

He mentioned four key questions to deliberate whether the creation of such a curriculum is necessary and why or why not; delivery of the curriculum in a way that it is applicable and fitting to
various practices in different countries; if collaboration is necessary and if so, who should collaborate; and how should the finalised curriculum be used. Based on these questions the views of the
delegates will be heard and noted, since the development of the curriculum, a cooperation of the EAUN, BAUN, the Ulster University, and individual urology nurses, needs to be supported by the whole European urology nursing community.

Interested to know more about EAUN18?

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Registration is open online until 26 February 2018
Registration in Copenhagen opens 13 March 2018